Hej Laura Blake!

Laura Blake är den nya koordinatorn för Steneby Konsthall. Vi på Mötesplats Steneby vill välkomna henne, och passar på att ställa några frågor för att lära känna henne och se vad hon ser fram emot i den nya yrkesrollen! (på engelska)

Who are you? 
I’m Laura Blake, originally from the UK but I’ve been in Sweden for 5 years now after moving to Dals Långed to study textiles at HDK-Valand Steneby. A bunch of friends stayed after studying at the same time as me, and this place became my home.I have my own art practice working in wood and textiles, creating work for exhibitions and researching the accessibility of craft. Shameless plug – I have a show opening at Form/Design Centre in Malmö this weekend until the 26th March! I’m also a member of Not Quite, Studio Växt, and Kåda.

Congratulations to your new role as koordinator for Steneby Konsthall!
What are you looking forward to?

Thanks! What is particularly exciting is that it is hard to think of a job which suits my interests more. To spend my time running a space which is focused on material-based art and design is amazing.

I’ve always been a part of building group exhibitions as a part of my own practice, I adore working on projects and shows. I get a kick out of the whole process, the problem solving to when after not quite understanding how it will turn out, it all comes together and you’re proud. I’m looking forward to doing that all the time!

What will you bring to your new working role?
I love spending time in cities and have lived in several, but I passionately believe in not having to be there to make it in the art world. I think people’s perception of the city being filled with all the contacts and opportunities, (and therefore needing to live there), is changing since the pandemic but there’s still a way to go.

To me, Steneby Konsthall is a part of proving that rural is equal. By constantly programming exciting artists and events, I hope to continue and build upon Steneby Konsthall being a space artists are excited to exhibit in, and audiences want to visit.

Laura Blake bredvid skapelser av ELAKFORM, i Steneby Konsthall.