We are thrilled to have Guillermo Trapiello in residence with us at Open Wood! His project, ’WOODEN FOLK,’ combines woodworking craftsmanship with Swedish cultural heritage, exploring innovative furniture design from reclaimed materials. His interests and vision perfectly align with our mission at Open Wood, and we can’t wait to see the creative outcomes of his residency!

Hello Guillermo! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I run a design office based in Madrid, working at the crossroads of architecture and furniture design. At the Studio, we take an explorative approach to the design of everyday life, balancing research and fabrication. Our practice encourages playful interaction and explores innovation through materials, objects, and installations.
As an artist-designer born in Madrid in 1985, I take a poetic approach to my work, navigating through collective imagination, pop culture, and craftsmanship. My aim is to captivate and inspire the viewer. I am also committed to contemporary crafts and responsible production, being highly critical of the boring and standard solutions that flood the market. ”We already have way too many things; if we must create something new, it had better be worth it.”
In addition to my studio work, I am the head of Fonte, a center dedicated to design, architecture, and art in Madrid. Our studio’s work has been exhibited in international exhibitions, including the Venice Architecture Biennale and many design fairs around the world.

What are your plans during your residence at Open Wood?
I intend to utilize various waste materials from the paper and wood industries to construct shelters for migratory birds. During this residency, I aim to combine my passion for design with my deep appreciation for the landscape and my connection to the environment. My goal is to repurpose industrial by-products in a way that benefits wildlife, particularly migratory birds that require safe and sustainable habitats throughout their journey by integrating discarded materials from the paper and wood industries into the design and construction of these bird shelter.

What is the desired outcome for your stay here and what do you hope to learn?
I take this opportunity to immerse myself in the creative community of Dals Långed, benefiting from their knowledge and experience in various crafts that are of interest to me.
Through this residency, I aspire to develop innovative and eco-friendly solutions that highlight the potential of sustainable design in addressing environmental challenges.

Why did you want to come to Open Wood and Dals Långed?
I found it fascinating that in such a short time an old paper factory transitioned into a space with so much potential, and even if it was through a residence, I wanted to be part of that place, get to know the community behind it and try to focus my efforts for four weeks to be able to do an in-depth material research project. Thanks to Industrial symbiosis, I have had access to the different sources of waste that wood and paper can offer. the area and I am amazed at the possibilities. As a designer in Spain, where waste of such quality or with so much potential is scarce, being able to work with these materials is a privilege. I have also always been very interested in Swedish folklore linked to design, art and architecture. For the first time I have the opportunity to dive in fully. My experience is, if possible, even better than I imagined,

Guillermo Trapiello foto: Funny Livdotter

Guillermo is here for a month, and on June 5th the will be a presentation of his exploration during his time here. More info about that will be public soon..
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